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We’re headed to Uganda and need your help!

We’re headed to Uganda and need your help!  We are asked all the time about donations of equipment and supplies so wanted to provide a list of items needed for our trip to Uganda (and future projects). You can read more about Project Lydia and what we’re doing HERE. Donated items can be sent to: […]


Uganda and Project Lydia – Empowering Women Lifts Whole Communities

“The best clue to a nation’s growth and development potential is the status and role of women.” — Historian David S. Landes, “The Wealth and Poverty of Nations” Empowering women lifts whole communities. If but one woman is given enough access to information and trained skill development, she can teach an entire enclave of other […]

Reginald and Sheila

Love and Community in Haiti

What would you do if you found an infant on the side of the road? That’s what happened to 27-year old Reginald of Haiti who lives with his family in a remote mountain community in Haiti called Mizak. He was on his way to Jacmel, a coastal town south of Mizak, when he noticed a […]