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The Means to Equality is Through Empowerment from Within

I don’t believe that fighting fire with fire is the means to a peaceful end – especially as it pertains to the rights of women in developing countries. We can’t politically sway the opinions and decisions of the civil laws in these places. The means to equality is through empowerment from within. This is what […]


Soapmaking in Daichen Village

We taught three brilliant Tibetan women, Danma, Tashi Khar & Tsho Khar Skyid, the craft of soapmaking in a little village called Daichen, which is located in a Tibetan Autonomous county in province of Gansu. The soapmaking project will start with these three women with the hopes of it funding other community development projects and […]


Soap. Breakfast. Family.

We will have many stories of soapmaking on our 42 day soap odyssey around the world… after a lot of long travel to, from and within China, we have arrived in Delhi, India and made a few friends already. Alas, I have chosen to write my first blog post not on soapmaking, which will come […]