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Reginald and Sheila

Love and Community in Haiti

What would you do if you found an infant on the side of the road? That’s what happened to 27-year old Reginald of Haiti who lives with his family in a remote mountain community in Haiti called Mizak. He was on his way to Jacmel, a coastal town south of Mizak, when he noticed a […]


12 Days Until Eviction

Benjamin and Amanda of Lovin’ Soap Project are back in Haiti to work with the soap artisans of OFEDA in Port au Prince and HAPI in Mizak.  Today was with OFEDA at the camp. We found out earlier this week that the women of OFEDA, who are currently living in a tent camp, will soon […]

Benjamin Aaron in Haiti

To All Men: Feminism is Vital Work and YOU are a Part of it

Our donor list is predominately women.  As a male, it is downright embarrassing. The White Male Perspective Women around the globe possess a unique standpoint in that their experiences have certain perceptions that are shared by the entire female population.  Feminist thought can be studied, explained and recorded by people like myself, but it can […]