The Lovin’ Soap Project is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization that trains women in developing nations the craft of soapmaking. In addition to basic soapmaking workshops, we train each group in small business startup, accounting, record keeping and simple yet effective organizational techniques based on their respective situations as a group. Furthermore, we train our groups in the power of goal-setting, visualization and effective self-efficacy building based on their current social status as poor women in poor countries.

By teaching these skills, each woman is empowered to further their business acumen, generate revenue for the business and income for themselves, as well as improve their standing in their respective communities.

When women in developing nations earn an income, more money in the community is invested in education and healthcare. When women in developing nations earn an income through soapmaking, hygiene is improved within entire communities.

As an organization thus far, we recurrently travel, train and consult with six different women’s groups across five countries. These developing nations include Haiti, Senegal, Uganda, Tibet and India.