OFEDA Soapmakers in Haiti

Print this out and send these women your happy thoughts and support!  These are the women of OFEDA that we (all of us at Lovin’ Soap Project + our community + YOU)  have helped to turn into soapmakers!  What does this mean?

Two exciting things!  1) These women now have the skills to make something so basic but so important to everyday hygiene and cleanliness of not only their families but their homes and laundry.  2) With the help of LSP and our community, these women are turning this skill into a business and are blazing their own trail to prosperity!

Thank you for your support!



  1. Sarah says

    I read the great work that you are doing with the OFEDA and the lovin soap project. I wanted to know how someone like myself can get involved and help. I know I can offer a donation but would love to be able to really get involved and make a personal impact.

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